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For my part, we should remember that some ninja are just almost impossible for free player to get because there no more event where you can find them at all. Other ninja in event that are no more in meta or even usefull have cost too high for there real value (cough tendo).

I'm not complaining about free bad ninja. I'm complaining about the fact there lot of ninja or item that so hard to get that new player will just never see them, ever.

I begin to play the game almost 2 years ago now, and even if i own lot of ninja, kage almost never appear in event, hinata cloak, temari bikini, most christmas ninja and etc are never in any event to get. They give skill break to some of those but if they never appear in event so why in the first place they have skill break??? Are they just there to mock us or what?

I think giving place to some of those missing ninja would be already a better way for event. Not asking like some for edo hiruzen ( like some ....... player), just asking to be fair and place new way to get old ninja. Seals pack have not been update for years. Must event have always same stuff. Some item like normal and protect vial are harder to find in event vs the advance version.

If you'r going to introdiuce stuff in game, pleace be coherent. There no use to bring new ninja skill break if no one will ever have them. I'm in a group with the most powerfull player of all server (over 3millions power) and he's even got problem to skill break some of those new ninja place in game.

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