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[ Suggestions ] Assist Llnk Cards Reset


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Hello there!

I wanted to suggest an option to reset the link cards. Just like you can reset your treasured tools and get all your materials back, I think it would be great if you could do the same with the link cards. As you start in the game and continue to progress in it you're likely to change your lineup countless times and while there are some ninjas that can share those cards without loosing the link strength of it, some others loose it and you must level a new card from 0 again.

The game currently offers the treasured tools reset option because it's only normal that when you start the game you don't really know which tool will you want to keep for each position and since you gotta farm at least 4 golden tools it allows you to start prioritizing certain stats being able to switch to others afterwards.
The link feature has the same principle yet we're not offered a way to reset our cards. If you were using Konoha ninjas and then you want to to make a Hidden Mist lineup the efficiency of the link is gonna drop easily by more than half, at that point is almost not worth it to keep those cards and you just farm materials to upgrade new ones. No need to mention how expensive it is to level up a card from Lv 0 to Lv 9.

Just like reseting the treasured tools penalizes you with gold loss you could find something that the system won't give you back or give you back partially, but overall being able to switch between different sets of cards more easily would definetely be beneficial to everyone.

Please give it a thought, thank you!

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Hello, thank you for this suggestion, I will pass it along.

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