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  • Dresq On 2021-08-06 00:03:26
  • Oh boy, we really do not want the part of this NPC that lets you make the books. I've been told now by many that play on the CN version that this particular part of the NPC means no more buying the Breakthrough books directly with Ninja fragments, instead you end up relying on RNG to hopefully craft the right tier of book.

Yeah but i feel like theres not a single person even needing the tsunade NPC. Why not just update it to make it usefull? Shouldnt the game be productive coming from small details rather than being monothone and stale?

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  • NýĠMA On 2021-08-06 01:27:10
  • Actually I am one of those players who used this feature in early games. haha

    I am one of those who do not fancy treassured ninjas that much that is why in early games I tried exchanging seals for kurenai full BT, Yamato Full BT, Guy Full BT and lee BT. I know for others it is such a waste, but for me since I have better plans for my future lineup (not planning on using seal treasure ninjas for my main lineup) I just fast forwarded my useful ninjas breakthroughs. [ Now more treasured ninjas are getting BTs so things get a little bit interesting with seal scrolls ]

    This tsunade NPC helped me a lot in early games to get ahead of 9tails/Summon 40cps. I have used Choji as my lineup before so MB+Choji GNW+kurena+Hashi helped me through my daily item grinds.

    Now for me this NPC Tsuna is not that useful anymore, but to others I think they can come in handy :)

    Altho upgrading this feature is not a total loss, we shall see I guess.

Yeah that is true, it helps early game, but alot of the times the books u needed didnt show up. It should be updated so it could be used at any point of time.

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