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[ Lineup ] Nature Training Wind Lineups


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Hey guys!

I'll show you a few optional lineups for Nature Training Wind stage. Keep in mind that it might require a high amount of power to beat level 50 (Probably 700k+)



This first one is for a bit lower powers who can take advantage of Yagura copying enemy Kushina and giving you immortality.

Copy Kushina after Yagura's standard attack and keep copying her whenever you can so you stay immortal

Keep targetting Jigokudo with your mysteries

Interrupt Orochimaru or Jigokudo when they try to use their mysteries


This second one is for higher powers who want pure damage to beat this stage in fewer rounds.

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Since we have seen the sort of training needed to be done for the wind nature transformation. What would the training look like for the other nature transformations? Would it be similar? Would it be different? Personally I think the use of a leaf would still be involved in this training but past that I think it might be quite a bit different. What are your thoughts?

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This is the lineup I used to beat both Level 50 on Wind and Fire training (My BP is 289,884)


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