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[ Lineup ] August 2021 me<x>ta Lineups list


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recently a lot of people make topics asking for help in creating good lineups and since there is no proper meta teams list I decided to share my own lineups (and some theory crafting cuz I dont have Orochimaru yet) that are currently really powerful.

Teams created are not for fresh f2p players! - those are end game top tier meta setups including paywall ninjas but also versions for old time f2p/low spenders

Before I show the lineups I would like to say few things about main ninjas that I feel like people are sleeping on. Guys please think for yourself instead of copy/pasta CN 3m power youtube videos. I see so many Water Main players right now (my server included) that it's mind*ing to me when for now the real hidden OP main is Lightning Main (that's why I included him so many times in my lineups). Still most of the players are using 6p Naruto as dps ninja and reworked Root of the Warrior passive is really powerful in countering the meta. Water main revive for low power people is completly terrible, you are just giving enemy Naruto free splash target to nuke your pos1.

Ok enaugh talking Time to share 2021 August meta setups. I won't explain in depth for now how each of them works because it would take too much time. Just ask questions in the comments if you don't understand team idea or have your own powerful meta lineup to discuss.

ETR Madara 1

^ Very powerful lineup, strong enaugh to even deal with 10T Obito and obviously Naruto. Very high base damage on top of utility via strong poison / chases and a lot of

sustain + pretty tanky thanks to root and ashura passive

ETR Madara 2

^ Cheaper version that also works fine but is much weaker than whale option, might struggle vs even power Naruto setups. Great partner support for first ETR Madara team in db or gnw tho

10T Obito 1

^ My current team that I think is 2nd best Obito team available right now. Can win vs anything for the most part depending on initiative and a bit of rng. Strong enaugh to destroy 400k higher BP Naruto / Kisame etc players with out much of a difficulty. Vs Naruto can swap to Y healing Obito talent to instantly apply on enemy Naruto ninjutsu sealing and that combo with Root of the Warrior makes Naruto a complete joke. He does straight up nothing to you pathetic numbers like 1-3k crit standards

10T Obito 2

^ In my opinion the best team currently (pos2 Indra instead of Suigetsu for top power players) in the entire game and the one I want to switch to when I get Orochimaru. Still very tanky thanks to Anbu tactics and root of the warrior on top of minato (from oro) buffs. Advantage over first Obito team really is that Orochimaru kages passive that basicly doubles your defensive and offensive potential (pos2 ninja is flexible swordsman Indra / Ashura / Suigetsu all work fine but IMO Indra is best end game, I put suigetsu in the screen shot cuz i forgot about Indra for some reason )

Gengetsu 2

^This setup is really powerful, Ashura giving more chases into gengetsu more standards and scaling is disgusting combo on top of root of the warrior protection against Naruto.

Naruto 1

^My fav Naruto setup, with wind main impetus and Kakuzu you can drop multiple Reaper Death Seals on top of Naruto having 40% dmg talent from wind main and entire team 40% resistance from base hiruzen in mirror Naruto fights vs setups that have none of those buffs your damage output is way higher. If you get splash nuked KO, c*so revive entire team with death reaper seal + kakuzu combo and have some comeback potential. Really good team

Naruto 2

^more of a db / gnw Naruto version for semi whales but also powerful in 1vs1 thanks to Indra's ignite and mystery

Naruto 3

^ f2p lineup that can be annoying to deal with if you don't have an option to drop 2 mysteries in 1 round to avoid Rin's passive or AoE standards to nuke rin asap.

Orochimaru 1

^This one is not tested since like I said don't have Orochimaru yet but in my mind blitz potential and overall dmg scaling + shielding etc on top of multiple kages pos1 stats should be really powerful combo.

Gengetsu 1

^ Outside of Six Path Pain / 10T Obito and 10T Madara your only new lineup for people with out paywall ninjas that can deal with enemy whale 10T Obito in spacetime. Very strong in 1vs1 but not so much in group fights. Gengetsu is more of a Obito counter than proper consistent lineup but just cuz of this countering possibility he is worth to be top tier meta choice. Might struggle vs Naruto users cuz of splash damage but it's not hopeless matchup

I forgot about 3 ninjas that should be on the list:

1) First one is LM - Ashura - Indra - Edo Minato - still one of the best teams out there powerful enaugh to drop even powers Obitos etc from higher initiative perspective

2) Obviously 6path Pain - I dont have him so didn't want to make his setups with out testing but from my spacetime experience etc he is very strong between ETR Madara and 10T Obito powerscaling range with Obito being the strongest.

3) 10T Madara lineups still dangerous, slightly below Obito tier kind of like 6path Pain

I hope this helps some of the new whales that have ninjas above but don't have experience in making teams and old time players that have pieces for Gengetsu team for example but struggle around trying some pointless bait ninjas like P4 edo sasori who is another amazing Naruto splash city target

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