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[ Events ] Idk, i'm not lucky or smth wrong with game? :D


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Hello! I have a question. I've recharged total around 90k ingots in different times but I wounder that there is still no first prize for me in crazy slot machine, shinobi feast, and break golden eggs. I know people who are getting the first prize from 1 time. Is it me unlucky? Or game doesn't love me? :D
Oasis, make a magic for me please, I supporting you for a while. Let me take 1 prize in next cycle of events if there will be crazy slot machine, shinobi feast or break golden eggs. Love you :3

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Hello! The prizes in events like Crazy Slot Machine is based on chance. Those who participate has a chance of getting the first prize but it is not guaranteed.

To be fair to all participants, all participants of the event has a chance to obtain the prize, so you unfortunately cannot just ask for the first place prize.

If you have a suggestion, you c@n use the "Suggestion Thread" found in Bug/Support section.

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