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[ Bugs ] Nature Training [ LVL requirement ]


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I was wondering if there were any updates/changes regarding the level requirement for "Nature Training Event".

Screenshot 2021-07-29 181327

As far as I know the minimum level to participate is lvl80. I am currently at level 82 and I still haven't unlocked the event yet. [ same with spacetime and other xserver events - tho could be a different case vs this topic ]

Screenshot 2021-07-29 182958

I have tried searching it through web and the only reliable source that I coud get is from Kongregate website:

Again, forgive me if I my memory is a bit rusty. I have been away from the game for quite some time and tbh I can't remember all of the level requirements for each event features of this game. xD I have always thought the req for Nature trianing is lvl80, altho I am not for sure.

My yagura is already set, just waiting for the icon to pop-up hehe

Not so sure if this is a bug again. If anyone has an answer please do comment. Thanks! :)

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I just went online again and the event Icon is there. Seems like it was fixed already. Thanks :)))

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Dear Mr. Nygma:
I believe this event does not come online with the server reset, so it is generally not doable first thing in the morning. Sometimes it does not activate until 9:30am or some odd time, which is fairly unique for this event, and it will not activate until a manual refresh of the game is performed, which is why you saw the event activate when you refreshed. The same thing happens if you achieve level 80 at some point later; a manual refresh is necessary to gain access.
Sorry about the trouble!

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Oh okay. Thank you @Mod Tachibana for clearing that up. Atleast now it is all clear to us :)

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