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[ Suggestions ] Material Upgrade & Downgrade


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I wanted to suggest a material upgrade & downgrade NPC or something like that.
The idea is to help players gather resources that as of now takes a lot of time gathering, for example, experimental protections.
There's two ways of making it:
- Creating the exchange NPC.
- Enabling upgrades & downgrades from the inventory.

We should be able to go to our inventory, clic advanced protections and be able to perform some sort of exchange like 1x5, for example.
Or the other way around, transform experimental protetctions into advanced 10x1, for example.

It could be done with everything, vials, refines... you name it.
Just as we're able to upgrade & downgrade magatamas we should be able to do the exact same with other materials and it would greatly help players manage their resources better. We've got the breakthrough of three ninjas in a row with basic vials which ironically are harder to get than advanced vials, almost nobody was ready to BT all those ninjas and i'm guessing Rasa is the fourth ninja to come which will also require basic vials, it's just undoable, let's be realistic.

BUT, if you allow players to transform advanced vials & protections into the basic ones with exchange rates of your choice, everyone will benefit from it.

Please give it a thought, thank you.

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I will submit this suggestion for you.


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