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[ Lineup ] Pain(Nagato) team with Fire Main


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Shurado or Chikushodo team

also jigokudo ( can you really play with 2 defensive pains 1 Nagato?? I think water works great but with Pain ( tendo ) not Nagato. Why i use fire main because i need 40 chakra( get those from casting mystery cost 0 chakra ) total of 60 i can cast Nagato mystery on the standard attack time 1 round most importantly. I think i wouldn't be using Wind with her mystery Dance of Impetus for a while till i get his mystery to be Instant cast.

I already have Gakido but i don't know which other pain to get first. Jigokudo for me is dumb pick if you dont have hidan to easy finish in 3 rounds.

Shurado gives Attack bonus while Chikushodo Ninjutsu boost. Overall i think standard attack and mystery skill picks all go to Chikushodo + Panda infront of Nagato better than more combos. Is Chikushodo better for this team?? or should i get Shurado when i get even better ninjas than Nagato it would pay off??


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