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[ Lineup ] HELP ME!!!!


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I need a team for Konan(Angel of God) or just a good team for any of my ninjas please help.


Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

Screenshot 5

Screenshot 6

Screenshot 7

Screenshot 8

Screenshot 9

Screenshot 10

Screenshot 11

Screenshot 12

Screenshot 13

Screenshot 14


Screenshot 15

Screenshot 16

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To be honest, u got a good selection of ninjas to pick from.

You should really use naruto six path as u postion 1. From there u got several ninjas to put around him.

Kakuzu akatsuki creation is good in any team. Buff removal, revives and buffing teammates on revival.

Sasuke is a nice support, with either fear or chaos, depending if u fight mostly immune ninja or not.

Madara Edo release is good if u can get him 4* eventually.

Indra is nice with irremovable paralize and ignite + his mystery is decent.

Tsunade could be nice if u worried about getting blitzed

Karin is all around prob the best healer we got atm.

Minato edo is decent with barrier if u dont wanna get MAdara edo release.

U can really pick and choose between these. Or anything else really. Naruto is a beast and works with most.

As of summons, u should look into getting some combo summons too(King of hell, Crustation, Clam, Gamariki) For the most part, i value Gamariki highest with Six path naruto.

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