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[ Bugs ] Found one reason for lag, computer perfomance lost and blackscreen


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I found one possibility for the lost perfomance overtime when using Naruto Online and what could cause the blackscreen and lag some player are having issue with. In the task manager, I found Cefshap.browsersubprocess, a program use but some software to run chat system like naruto online. Or it's a software know to increase overtime his memory use if you let the program using On.

Or when this software take too much memory, Windows by safety mesure will shotdown the software. When doing that, Naruto online get in blackscreen.

I do the test yesterday. After 2 hours of continue use of naruto online (was in the hot spring), i see a huge slowdown of my computer. When i open taks manage to see what was eating my computer memory, most of it was use by 2 program: naruto online and Cefshap.browsersubprocess. I decide to force close Cefshap and i get back all my computer power but when i return to naruto online, the screen become black.

I think you should consider to check this program: Cefshap.browsersubprocess. It's seem to be the main problem for slowdown and screen bug.

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