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Mystry Skill Guy Summer bug or what?


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why every guy summber gives mystery skill to ninja, ninja who is given 0 chakra buff, doesn't use his mystery skill in auto mode? space time unknown

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yes, i reported it before too, seems to me that it's not necessary guy's mystery but how the auto works, the same problem happens to i think mabui taisho (she have similar mystery) seems like the auto do a chakra check even if the chakra requirements are changed (assuming that's a very very old system and no one expected in 1.0 that we gonna have chakra manipulating ninjas) if you have the required chakra it will fire the mystery even if it doesnt consume it, but it have to pass the "you have enough chakra" check... its worse that there are a lot of auto only events such as space-time and ranked battle

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Hello, The X covers most of the reasons behind this. The auto system is outdated and bases chakra needs by the originally needed chakra amount, not by the reduced amount. This is known and has been reported as well.

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