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[ Ninja Exam ] Ninja Exam Level 100 [ Earth Main ]


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Hello, i was trying to win this exam from yesterday, but it's was very hard. I tried with Fire main that deals alot of damage, what is interesting about this I tried Ino+Shika+Fire Main Sleep and only got 1 Chaos out of alot of tries on Minato ( who is the most problematic as he dodges/has immunity ).


I thought i need to upgrade Konan's passive skill, but just right now i got Akatsuchi which is probably better choice as he gives shield to all my ninjas in lineup( they are all Earth, but can give to Fire too ). Because of the shield my main's standard attack becomes the passive which grants an attack that immobiles ( no actions for the ninja that is selected ) a ninja and absorbs chakra. As for me my Earth locked Minato and enemy didn't do that much dmg except for their mysteries as they land 1 by 1 after they got chakra at round 3 and so on. First 2 rounds are locking Minato and surviving his rasengan after that surviving other ninja's mystery skills. Hashirama only gives nin/attack increase buff to all ninjas( Konoha ninjas more specific ), you need to lock him as it will be hard to survive more than 4 rounds even as Water/Earth main + the chakra absortion( 20 chakra per ninja that got hit by it ). That's why we have our Hashirama to immobile the other Hashirama for him not being able to cast the barrier which means no buff for enemy team and no draining chakra for enemy team. Kakuzu is my strongest ninja outputs alot of damage( all chases are too maximize combo/damage ) i casted his mystery 2 times. Earth main's mystery can be casted at round 1/2. I used it at round 1 just for safety to have Wood Style: Universal Nature.

How i beaten them up\\

Round 1: Hashirama mystery and Earth Main mystery skill

Round 2: Akatsuchi mystery skill

Round 3: Kakuzu mystery skill

Round 4: All mystery skills except for Kakuzus

Round 5: Kakuzu mystery skill

Suggested power 36k+



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