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[ Suggestions ] A new Treasure?


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When is there going to be a new Treasure? Its been quite a few years since the GNW treasure came out and I was wondering when a new one will come out.

If you need a name for it I would call it Next Generation Treasure where Hokage Naruto and Wandering Sasuke would be the Featured Pics while Boruto is also a Top Tier ninja to recruit

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Hello, I am not sure if these particular characters will be able to be included in this treasure, due to copyright complications, but I will submit this suggestion. We have also previously suggested a new seal treasure previously as well.

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Won't happen as Tencent doesn't have the right for Boruto characters .

Also i'm pretty sure we are done with the various treasure .

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Then it's time for old event ninjas to be available in a new treasure.

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Maybe we'll finally get Dosu, and forum Dosu will come back to the game. Pfft.

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