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  • NýĠMA On 2021-07-19 21:04:50
  • It is weird that some people do not actually understand the difference between EN version and CN version.

    EN version is not "EN: TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH LANGUAGE OF CN but Overall the same game". Get a hold of yourself bro.

    Your suggestion could have gone differently, in a better way if you must know, if you just suggest properly.

    I'll give you a hint for next time:

    "Hey can we suggest Zetsu's BT to be the same as what CN has? I know we have no rights to tell you what to do so we just wanna ask nicely. Thank you!"

    Hope this helps!

its not like that, to them is occasional, as happened before depending on the occasion is either "we are our own version and not follow the main game" or "we are not allowed to change xyz because of xyz on main version"

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  • NýĠMA On 2021-08-04 21:53:37
  • Actually I am no expert, especially in this specific topic. EN vs CN. But in all honestly, I think the only ones who can actually tell are those involve. Both of the management of the 2 games (versions) involved.

    With the copyrights and stuff, modifications or whatever, I am guessing CN are atleast aware of what is happening in the other version and I believe if EN has violated any, I think we would know it by now. Surely they both have representatives in each versions as to check for the updates of one another.

    Again I am no expert, just my opinion. And I am sure a lot of players do not know either. So in the mean time, just be respectful. That is all to it actually.

    No need to act high and almighty. Negative feedbacks can be written in a much better way. hehe But sadly, sometimes people cross the line, big time.

    That is why someone needs to call them out. It can be anyone, not just me. There are mods who filter some posts thus letting them off the ho0k. They will live another day and do it all over again knowing that they can get off easily. This time people should think before they click. I hope they can change for the better this way :)

pure example of the unfiltered ones that always escapes: the comment right after your comment

on topic... usually in this type of contracts the buyer of the rights have the rights to the ip/franchise and within the franchise they can change stuff but ofc as i stated in other threads we don't know what is written exactly in the contract, its all speculations

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  • NýĠMA On 2021-08-11 22:33:48
  • Sorry if I won't be able to attend to other concerns regarding our (this) discussion. Unless I see an improvement, I would lay low for awhile. Or if there are some other fascinating topics that might bring back my interest again, then I will come.

    Have fun with the game everyone!

    My last concern in the forum has been satisfied already. You might or might not see me around anymore haha.

    Have fun, as always!

there is a pattern... when he loses an argument bails out and act like nothing happened

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