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[ Suggestions ] Fix Kimono Shisui's Breakthroughs so they're usable.


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Not long before Six Paths Naruto Breakthroughs came out, Kimono Shisui Breakthroughs was hyped up. When people finally started getting the breakthroughs,

Six Paths Naruto breathroughs made him useless in PVP and outshined him in every aspect.

Kimono Shisui fragments costs more than Six Paths Naruto and yet loses on every aspect of ability. He can't even ignite Naruto because of Naruto's chase dodge or chase dodge super armour ninjas with his mystery, because only his standard attack suppresses super armour.

There's a simple fix to make him relevant again, which is to make his irremovable ignition ability undodgeable. That would at least help stop people from healing and give him an edge against dodge ninjas. The initiative boost is negligible in almost any scenario and his lack of healing and scaling as compared to Naruto is a huge problem.

Even though he can suppress super armour with his standard attack, he still might lose out in a damage battle against super armour individuals due to lack of healing and defence. Improving him will not break the balance of the game, rather he will be a counter so that people can play rock paper scisssors in battle.

I have his breakthroughs but was never able to use him. It's very very disappointing and I would really like a practical reason to use a ninja I spent 40,000 coupons + Advance protection vials on in battle; Especially after he was hyped up for a while on the front page of the loading screen for quite some time.

Please fix.


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  • The_X On 2021-07-16 11:28:49
  • however... if they "fix" him just because people got hype and spend on him then "fix" other ninjas, what about ay 4th? he was an expensive ninja and hyped back then, what about madara founder, he is as expensive as all 3 ninjas combined and his breaks are "not on par with naruto breaks"

    my point is... if you do it to one you have to do it to all of them

Your 4th Ay was good enough to last for quite a while before he was overtaken. Shisui only had like a month or so.

Any ninja hyped up to be costly enough to have breakthroughs with costly fragments needs to have time to shine, like your 'other' ninjas whatever they are(unless they're really cheap).

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