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[ Group ] Naruto Online EN's 5th Year Anniversary - Event Specials


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Naruto Online EN's 5th Year Anniversary - Together we Grow, Together We Conquer!

Duration: 12th of July - 25th of July; 23:59:59 HK Timezone


Friends, the people who we cherish most as we venture into the vast world of shinobi. Since the day we started, most of us finds someone to play with and get along together who eventually become our comrades in doing missions and other activities to hone up our talents. Our Hokage wants to hear your story about how you and your groupmates grew and get strong together for playing the game for years.


How to Play:

- Interested individuals must create an image that shows you and your groupmates together, somewhere in the Shinobi World.

- Together with the Group Image, participants should also include a story of how they played together for years and how strong their bonds are.

- The Image should be an in-game screenshot, cropped or not, and can be designed of your choice.



Winners will be chosen through a voting process by the Moderators of this Forum.

- One (1) winner of 3000 Coupons

- Two (2) winners of 1500 Coupons


Please include your Region, ServerID, In-Game Name, and UID together with your entry. (UID can be found HERE)


Note: The Sample Image above is just a sample. Make sure to read the details above to make sure your entries are valid.

Good luck everyone, dattebayo! ~

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Region: HK

Server ID: S888-Sage Worl Battlefield

In Game Name: AteAlexis

UID: 200000085113704

When I am a newbie Player in our server I meet them they are so helpful I chat and say can you help me in TI or SA group etc... they help me without hesitation and I love that. I play naruto online for 4 years. And I earn their trust because if they are busy they told me Alex can you pilot my account for a couple days and I say sure. And I very thankful because they trust me and I will never broke it. Because they help. I help them. Like give and take just like Vice-versa and we are happy but the times come that they need to leave because some go to work have a family but I am happy that I encounter different person in different countries. I have friend in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and many- many more.

My message to them I love you. From the *on of my heart and thank you very much to be part of my life even sometimes I'm (malandi) hehehe I love you. Akatsuki Family

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Server ID: S4 Kakashi LA
IGN : HangeZoë
UID: 200000083513381

Having played this game since it first came out on EN servers, you see many people come and go. However, after joining EliteMasters for the last 3.5 years, I learned that even those who left the game you stay close with like family. Having started playing this game when I was really young (5th grade), those in EM helped me understand the game, and taught me how to be good. I can name every single group mate that has helped me throughout the years, but words wouldn't do them justice for everything they have done for me, and fellow group mates. Having gotten so many memories of being helped and making friends within the group, I always helped those to help create good memories and friendships with members, old and new. I couldn't have gotten a better server to be a part of, nor a better group that gave me so many friends that became family; events that became memories; and a game that became a place to talk to the people I grew to care about.

Tribute to those who left, but have helped me so much-
ReiyaUeda, Placeholder, Hinoshi, BRAD, MerciLess, KaiMaiNaia, and so many more.
I wouldn't be the person I am without all of you.

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Region: HK

Server ID: S1721 Double Lightning

In game name: Teds

UID: 356622780734975


We were one of the new servers opened from the World of Shinobi, it was on April 28, 2021 where we were put into action. During the opening days, there were lot of players coming to enjoy and explore the world of Shinobi, we were all active doing dailies, missions and events. Someone from the world started shouting for Group Recruitment, so I head the call, I took part in the group and someone joined one another until we were full of members. I was assigned as a Senior, incharge of things of what my privilege can do. We were all full of spirits, giving full donations everyday to grow faster, doing daily missions for GNW Participation and more. Yes We grow faster but not all sustained until this day. Our leader has quitted and transferred the Leadership to me, many members were all inactive and some already completely leave the server. It was so saddened, that was once a server with "High Will Power" but suddenly diminished and completely gone. Our Group "Villain" remained with few members while the other one "Anarchy" got 2 to 3 active members. As the surviving Group in S1721, I took the initiative to talked to the other group members to come and merge as one Group, Uniting as One Group, Playing and Enjoying the Game as One Group and building relationship as One Group. I am like their Father (Minato) nurturing my members (Naruto) in their growth in the game, giving advice on how to handle resources, and continuously encouraging them to donate for the growth of the group. We were few in numbers but in unity we believe that we c@n always move forward, grow together and enjoy the game forever!

We as "Villains" in S1721 HK always believe that "There is a Beauty and Power in Unity! We must be United in Heart and Mind!"

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In Game Name : 青龍•Yukina•みなと

In game name UID : 200000098790514

Server Number : S358 Fourth Hokage

Server Region : HK

Maple Tree Group

Back in 2017, when I first started playing, I created my own group and play actively the first few days. Wasn't planning to play it seriously for long. One day, Konan scouted me to join the group Zoldyck. In the server was top 3 active. So I decide why not and join them. After experiencing Great Ninja War, Sage War, Group Instance.. I became more addicted because I am feeling competitive. During those early server days, the great ninja war was challenging and we created strategies to try winning first place. The group members too was kind and helped alot. They even waited for me fro Group Instance to complete it together even thou I am busy at certain times.

Over the years we kept playing together, there are times that feel like a hardship because of plunder issues, but we somehow manage to have a peaceful state between the sever merges and manage to keep on with the game and group. I was just a normal member, but through the years, I been actively playing with them especially Konan, I somehow become the leader now. We trust each other and because Konan is busy with life more now, she passed on the leadership to me. The group name changes from Zoldyck to Amegakure when Konan still hold the leadership. Then, the group name changed to Maple Tree (Bofuri anime reference). We as a group also keep in touch with each other in Facebook group and also Discord to share weekly new events, guides on builds, spending and strategies with GNW.

My message to them is, Thanks for staying and lets keep playing together! We are a family in Maple Tree :)
Thanks to my groupmates for taking a pic together, Konan, Saitama, Naomi, Toms, Shin Chan, NamelessKing, Ramen, Zeno sama

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Region HK > ServerID S850 Anbu Scroll > In-Game Name TOMBOLOCK > UID 300016887689340

Heyo NINSHUCREED is back, what keeps us playing Naruto Online ? Plain and simple FUN ! If you are having fun everything works.

That is why in my photo capture I have showcase some of our stars, they shine to show us our path forward, I really do enjoy

how they spare their time even amidst covid and lockdown to gather and share good and bad times, surviving as a group is tough

our veterans know so, thus when they can, they will cook up some things to liven up and cheer on our growing members yay !

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In Game Name: AyanaK


Server Number: S1372

Server Region: UK

I think every person who discovers games has a special story. And yet, everyone follows the same steps. He/she logs into a game, hoping to spend his/hers free time doing something, in a state of fatigue, and he/she logs out with lifelong friends. It's something special, having the opportunity to talk and form connections with people who live across the ocean, who speak another language and have other traditions than you. And you are forced to make connections, because the game is based on teamwork. It’s impossible to get far in the game without teamwork, most of the events are based on that, for example Team Instance, Sa, Rescue the Jinchuriki. And among the thousands of messages with questions about "do you want to do SA together?", a personal question is slipped in, for example "how are you doing?" or "you're okay? I haven't seen you in a really long time."

Well, I'd like to tell you, my story.

I discovered this game when I was only 14, when I started my first year of high school. After almost 4 years since the opening of the 560 server, I still keep in touch with 2 of those people that we're in my group - with one I will meet when I will start my second year of university(in October). Unfortunately, I no longer play on this server, but in 1372.

A lot of memories were made in this game. One of my best memories was at the beginning of the 1372 server. Before we merge, before my lifelong friendships, which I did not ever dream to happen. We had our group called "Uchiha". I was talking to the leader and senior of the group, before the Great Ninja War event. When the time for the Great Ninja War came, we had a little surprise, we could not enter there. They used to claim that they signed us up and they received and read the mail about our participations as well. They also sent me screenshot of it, in Discord. When in fact, it was the email that said we had to sign up for Great Ninja War in the proper time. Many people gave up this game and we were around 5-6 people before merge.I was promoted as the senior of the group.

When our sever merged with the other ones, I was very shy. I tried to integrate, I failed, and I considered that no one wants other friends. Well, I was wrong. It all took off in January, when I decided to join my group's Discord server. Sarcastic comments were made, jokes, sitting until 4 in the morning talking nonsense. Our communication and friendship have been transferred to Naruto Online. When someone needed help, or when I needed help, my friends would come to my aid. Lost nights fighting in Bonds, with people with a much greater power than us . I have learned that the power of friendship is one of the most spectacular force possible.The battles of the Great Ninja War with my comrades are my most pleasant nights. I love my friends, even though sometimes I feel like killing them. Or run them away with my pan until they cannot run away from me anymore. I hope to have the chance of meeting them in real life someday.

And if you feel alone? My advice is to click on a random server in Naruto Online, and start talking, and a person who has almost the same interests as you will respond to your messages. Isn't it magical to meet a person, kilometers away from you, with the same interests you having, and who understands you much better than any other person in real life? Somebody will get in your way, one as crazy and cute as you. You just must keep trying.

I want to thank my friends who have helped me over the months/years, understood me and treated me good when I was not feeling well.

Valentin, Skytrain, Sai, Kioshi, Cond, Speedwagon , Farex , Pero and Bioshine. Y’all have my heart and my gratitude.


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UID Ninja 1: 300004904348363

SID Ninja 1: S1338 Ice Darts Jutsu l NY

IGN Ninja 1: Crystal

Screenshot 2021-07-25 9

It all began on a lonely server, where no one talked, communicated or did anything for that matter. Everyone just did there normal routine. It was getting to the point where people just quit playing. Until, one brave little ninja couldn't bare with the silence. Everyday she would speak in world chat, hoping for some communication. For about 2 weeks everyone remained isolated, but she never gave up. Then one day, I finally gave a reply., and the first conversation began. Ever since then, we've been bringing more and more people to come out their shells and make the server more fun, and the game. Now our whole server has a great bond with one another.

2 years later.....2 merges later..... Yet, we never parted. Were always a team. Communication is the key to all our victories. Each one of us has a special personality that brings us together. Each day, our bonds grow stronger when were together, and by keeping these bonds deer in our heart, we will never lose hope. We'll be with each other for the rest of our days. Protecting Konoha, Completing missions, events, and wars, and teaching new ones. Everyday brings more laughs. ^^

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In-Game Name: Blitz

Region: HK

Server: S343 - Blade Dance

UID: 200000098175914


Maple Tree

Back in the past, our group was called Amegakure. The founding leaders have passed the torch (leadership) from generation to generation (player to player). Even before my small group was taken in, this group has been spreading their peaceful ways to everyone, even those outside of the group. We strengthen our bond with each other by helping one another when in need. We give helpful insights and advice to help each other improve in this game. We also have our own Discord group that further intensifies our bond! We share interesting strategies and teams in-game and in Discord and not only that but we also share interesting videos/video links and jokes/memes too! Even when a player has retired from the game, they are still welcomed to stay and chat with us in Discord. Our bond cannot be broken!

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The "Together we Grow, Together we Conquer" Special Event is now ended.

Congratulations to all the winners of this event, and thank you to all the participants who joined. We hope you all enjoyed the event and we'll see you again at the next one.


Response #7. AyanaK - 3000 Coupons

Response #4. Teds - 1500 Coupons

Response #2. Ate Alexis - 1500 Coupons

Consolation Prize: Response #5. AnimeGirlz - 500 Coupons



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