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[ Events ] Naruto Online EN's 5th Year Anniversary - Event Specials


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Naruto Online EN's 5th Year Anniversary - Another Milestone of my Shinobi Life

Duration: 12th of July - 25th of July; 23:59:59 HK Timezone


It's been a long time already since the day we started to stand up and trained to become the strongest. A lot of things happened along the way of reaching our goals. Hardships and joyful moments are some of those and as we reach our 5th Year Anniversary, our Hokage wants to hear your story, how far did you reach already with your journey in the Shinobi World.


How to Play:

- Interested individuals must create a collage of images that will show their achievements in the game.

- Together with the Collage Image, participants should also include a story of how they started as little ninjas and how they grew up to fine Shinobis as of today.

- The Image should be an in-game screenshot, cropped or not is okay as long as you can fit it in one image and the image should be in a collage format.



Winners will be chosen through a voting process by the Moderators of this Forum.

- One (1) winner of 3000 Coupons

- Two (2) winners of 1500 Coupons


Please include your Region, ServerID, In-Game Name, and UID together with your entry. (UID can be found HERE)


Note: The Sample Image above is just a sample. Make sure to read the details above to make sure your entries are valid.

Good luck everyone, dattebayo! ~

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Region: LA

Server ID: S1663 [ EASTGATE]

In-Game Name: ★NýĠMA★


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Region: HK

Server ID: 1637:Kendo Teacher

Ingame Name: Akari

UID: 346719422443686

Caption: (my bad for my english)

It all started during Christmas season when the server opened but I was kind of late. I was newbie in this game and did not know anyone but months passed I am starting to get hanged of this game and slowly grinned my power. At first, I did not know how to spend wisely because I am total newbie in this game and what to upgrade so in the end I wasted alot of coupons!! I remember that my first achievement in this game is I bought a pretty cool ninja: Kurenai Summer and spam every instance, survival trial, ninja exams and arena with sleep and next was grinding on that nagato until 4 stars and BT it along with Sage Naruto and lastly my very own six paths pikachu . I also met few cool people in my new group since my last group was deader than my ancestors and I surprisingly made new friends to asked help for and just talked endlessly about naruto, other animes, and the game mains. Me and my friends were too noisy in the group chats talking non stop everyday. Until they quitted and I felt alone again because the server is getting empty since everyone keeps quitting but luckily some few people stayed and we help each other until now in Team ninja exams (You know who you are! ) and when I got a chance I try to help people :P. My daily struggle is the sage world, training battle, and arena because it has full of strong people killing me and my streaks but I still did not gave up until now I'm achieving alot of things I never knew from 11k newbie to top 13 on our server how far did I go

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Region: HK

Server ID: S894-Practice Doll

In-Game Name: ⚡ᴊᴜɢᴀʀᴍɪɢᴜᴇʟ

UID: 200000103228141


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Region: HK

Server ID: S1481 Strange Strength

Ingame Name: Sushi

UID: 300040399299212

Black and White Sculpture Plain Collages Instagram

Milestone of my ninja life:

March 2020

It is the time when i first join Naruto Online in server S1481. It is not the first time i played online games, but definitely the first time I played Naruto related games. Everything is so cool and new to me, because you start off with 3 ninjas in the team, which is Team 7, and you slowly watch them grow, evolve them, making them equipped with better ninja tools. This is where all the fun at.

April 2020 - September 2020

I have met good friends, good guild mates which carry you for Team Instances, Team Ninja Exam, Strong Approaching, Great Ninja War. During this period i have not realised the importance 'Saving Coupons', i will spend whatever whenever i like. The worst thing that I have spent on is using around 8K coupons to buy Magatamas. When i look back today, I just feel so *, and also treating it as a lesson, but a funny one.

October 2020 - February 2021

Through playing the game long enough, I have learnt enough strategy to make a team to tackle specific enemies / instances. I have also learnt how to save coupons, and how to spend coupons, especially during Fukurokumaru deals. The first coupons ninja i got is Shisui Kimino 4 star. The sweat and tears i have to get him, its just so satisfying to see him finally BT and have him as one of the strongest ninjas i have on my team at that period. With Shisui Kimono 4 star BT that time, I started to win more fighs in Sage War Battlefield, getting better rewards, and it makes me motivated.

March 2021 - Present

There comes my another BIG FUKU spending, and i got the ninja of my dream, Naruto Sage Of Six Path 4 star BT!! With the right setup of team, I almost get the top 3 places in Sage War Battlefield, and even in the Group Ninja War, I was also the mid to top tier battle power to support the whole guild to win TOP 1 in server as well as TOP 1 in Cross Server Ninja War.

So here's my journey, it has been a great one. I hope there is more excitement waiting for me for the days to come. Happy 5th Year Anniversary Naruto Online <3 !!!

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IGN : Yamito


Imagin if i win LMAO.

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  • Yamitchiro On 2021-07-14 11:12:24
  • S1591
    IGN : Yamito


    Imagin if i win LMAO.

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in game name :омьга

server region :Eu

server id:1456 - puppet substitution jutsu


New Project (1)

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Server ID: S4 Kakashi LA
IGN : HangeZoë
UID: 200000083513381
My Ultimate Goal- The Yellow Flash
When I begun playing this gave at server 4, I was quite the young-ling, and didn't know enough to play the game well. It wasn't until 1.5 years of playing the game until I truly understood how to play. The next 3.5 years I grew as a shinobi, relying in the help of others, but I still became strong. As a f2p, I begun powering up quickly, not for myself, but for those who doubted the power of a F2P.
After getting him in Lucky Stars Wheel, Jonin Minato became my holy grail, Him, Shira, and Kisame Fusion (Before he had a BT) were the team that lead me to victory against even the strongest in the server!(In arena of course). I begun to come up with the biggest strategies, with the help of others, I solidified myself as a strong strategist. However important my role was within the server, I devoted myself to helping weaker ninjas, (mostly f2p). Despite me being a strategist, The journey of getting help and returning it, took me from a 18k player to 290k extremely fast, and the credit is to those who helped me- Placeholder, Hinoshi, Jagan, MysticBlade, Rosie, BlastingStreak, DeathsWill, Masa, AKEA; Without them I would be just another f2p.

No matter what name I had, AkiraNazuka, Stardark,

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IGN: Trismegisto

UID: 200000088294889

Server Number: S91 Izuna

Server Region: U.S. East

Valley_of_the_EndCollage 1
My tour in this world has not been easy, I went through a thousand defeats, which made me a better Shinobi, I know each of the strengths of my combatants (skills of each character) what he taught me to lead better teams and become a good strategist. I started without knowing a lot about this game and its different events, it seemed to be a disadvantage, but it was not like that, since with the passage of time I was learning, which taught me to plan and know how to invest in the perfect moment. Today I can say that the latter has also helped me in my daily life. Thank you Naruto Online by all the joys and days of fun you give us.
(I'm sorry if English is bad I'm using a translator, because I speak Spanish.)

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Region: HK

Server ID: S741: Konoha Hurricane

In-Game Name: Sakuhi

UID: 300018441494555


When me and my brother finished watching Naruto Shippuden. I wanted to play a game that is related to it. So I searched and found Naruto online. I was so excited to play it, I signed up and started my journey here at 2017. The first time playing it was amazing and fun!! The places in the map are very beautiful and the plot instances were pretty cool. I was still trying to learn how to make my power higher that time because some plot instance were hard and i was an f2p. The character that i first chose was breeze dancer she was pretty good, but i changed her to azura fang because my power increased and I pretty like her talents.I started collecting clothes because I liked it's designs and it increases your power! As time passes by, I made friends when playing the game and had fun doing activities with my groupmates.And my power increased day by day that now I have reached 128,000. It's still very low compare to how many years i've played this game but now that my power is 128,000, I have reached special jonin in arena!! Its not that high too but as an f2p I am proud that i've reach that rank. I also got my very first summon to walk with me, the illusion crow! And finaly i have reached rank one in my server S741 and rank 37 in merged server on the azura fang!! I can say for myself that this game is one of my favorite and I can't believe that this game has come so far!!

Happy 5th anniversary Naruto online!!!

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Region: HK

Server ID: S1705 :Fire Stone

Ingame Name: Dave

UID: 200000086194378


When i joined the server 1705 i was left behind like 1 to 2 weeks since the server opened assuming that there's already a bunch of player who already at the top of the power rankings, but i didn't stop, i still play along even if there's already a bunch of peeps who's stronger than me, regarding to PVP's i was so nerf, i can't do anything but give them a win. I am mostly in the lowest in terms of ranking (Power / Sage World / 9tails etc.) but i did my best, all i have to do is ENJOY the game! Yes! I don't mind being the #1, the strongest, or anything. I just want to enjoy to the game. If you enjoys what you doin, you'll definitely be the strongest. Now i am currently the STRONGEST WATER in my server, Currently 3rd in OVERALL Power Ranking and i am in the top of the rankings in terms of PVP. Enjoyment to the game is my Key to Greatness. That's my definition of success ♥

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Region: HK

Server ID: S741:Konoha Hurricane

In-Game Name: KudokiYamato

UID: 200000107771549

Naruto Online Collage

I have started playing Naruto Online after I have finished watching the whole Naruto Series. After I finshed the show, I still want to do things or to see things that are related to Naruto, so I decided to find games that are related to Naruto. I was so happy and amazed to see this game because I like almost every features of it. I like how the game was made, like for example how the players can walk around and go to different places which are the places that are just like in the anime, and how the game literally has the story of the Naruto series that can be played. At first, I have no information or tactics on how to play better in the game and the characters that I have are not so strong. As time passes, I learn more about the game and how to level up faster. I get more characters that have more stars and continued to be stronger and stronger by powering up my characters, my pets, and more. As I continued playing, I have reached a rank of 12 in the Server Ranking for Midnight Blade and a rank of 38 in the Server Ranking for the Overall Rankings. I have really gotten stronger from when I started playing this game at 2017. This game made me still have some connection with Naruto even though I have finished watching the show, that's why I really liked playing this game. Now that the game has reached their 5th Year Anniversary, I would just want to say that thank you for making this incredible and enjoyable game! Happy 5th Year Anniversary Naruto Online!!

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Server: S1000-Guardian


( Sorry my edit don't loaded)

I started playing naruto online in November 2017 I still remember the check in ninja being Kankuro Ninja War, I started with Water Fang and I'm with her until today, I made many friends and lived incredible moments from then on, before like I didn't know how to play I didn't have much strength or ninjas, but I didn't give up and I continued, today I'm with 516k and I have a lot of ninjas, this year 2021 was special for me because I managed to overcome myself in the beginning of January I was with 312k and now in July with 516k I never thought this was possible, and I'm happy with these and many other achievements to come. Happy Birthday Naruto Online EN

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HK Region > ServerID: S850 Anbu Scroll > IGN: TOMBOLOCK > UID: 300016887689340

Hmm, my journey in Naruto Online began with baby steps since 01-01-2018 on the server Anbu Scroll,

I already know of Naruto from the anime, so playing the game was like a breeze, ^_^

I decidedly pick Fire Main when I was post the choice and really enjoyed starting the game with him,

My favorite being hanging out with other Secret Jutsu Users, because I find we share similar trials

Using my bloodlimit to the fullest, I managed to rise up the ranks and eventually stood on ranking one.

Along the way I got to know many friends who are key to my ability to persevere past most difficulties.

They cheer me on when I was down, and rooted me to the ground. I had a will and an ambition.

Despite ups and downs, I tried to hold our group together, eventually Leading my Group as I am now.

There are lots of fun times and memories to hold from my entire journey since 2018 till 2021.

Many of which I had shared freely on the forum once upon a time, but I'll just mark three recent ones.

Four starring Itachi [Susano'o] , Recruiting Shisui [Susano'o] and finally Recruiting Fukurokumaru.


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Region: HK

Server ID: S1721 Double Lightning

In game name: Teds

UID: 356622780734975


I am empty handed when I started the Game! A nobody who landed in the world of Shinobi!

I persevere everyday, joining all the events and earn resources until I become the Strongest Wind User. Being the Strongest Wind user, I want it more beneficial to the Shinobi world and fought hard during Kyuubi raids and cited as a Konoha's Hero. Being on top of those things, I wanted to become the Strongest in the Sage Battle, and proving myself how far I can go. With the will to succeed, I fought hard and become the Bully of the Battle Field, making myself on top of the other players.

I have succeeded in all battles but one thing I admire most was becoming an INSPIRATION TO MY GROUP MEMBERS, achieving the highest recognition as a leader during a Group Battle. For I believe that


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Name in Game : Shirogane

UID: 200000082988226

Server Number: S721: Lightning Assassination Sword

Server Region: HK


I don't know I always like to change nicks, don't stay with one name, this is only a part of the nick name that I used for a very long time, because my PC was damaged and had to be reinstalled xD... I also rarely take screen shots with my own account, there are always other people beside him so it's very difficult to re-edit xD.... but that's my journey to play Naruto online maybe 3 years or more.. I like to change nicknames like my nickname is Shinomiya xD .. she always changes her nick name too xD

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In-Game Name: Blitz

Region: HK

Server: S343 - Blade Dance

UID: 200000098175914


I started to play this game more than 4 years ago. I started out as a newbie as all of us would be when we start playing this game for the first time. At that time I didn't know about "Servers" and when i clicked "Play", the game chose a recommended server for me which is S343 - Blade Dance. When I started playing in this server, I was a week behind already. Plenty of strong players that started from Day 1 of the server were dominating the newer players. I was alone at the beginning since I had no friends to play with me. I then joined the 3rd Ranked Group in the server to seek for help and protection against the people that bully lower powered players like me. Sadly, a day after I joined, the leader of the group retired and didn't online again which made the other members leave. I was alone yet again ........ but I didn't give up! I decided I would start my own group and rally the people like me on my server against the bullies. It was a harsh start as I couldn't get anyone to join my group. I don't blame them since joining the other stronger groups would have been more beneficial compared to joining a new level 1 group. It took me several weeks to gain my first member, and a few more to gain my 2nd and 3rd and within another month from making my group, I finally had more than 10 members! It made me so happy to have group mates and friends I can play along with . This did not stop the bullying though, since we were drastically outnumbered and overpowered by the other group. There were 2 groups that were at the top of my server. One of the group was made up of players who desired peace and cooperation to play the game, which I will refer to as the "Good" group, while the other was bent on dominating the server by pure force, which I will refer to as the "Bully" group . Time had passed and I had grown much stronger, nearly being able to rival the top players of the server. I was then offered a seat at the top ranks of the "Good" group. Although I had a few friends in their group, I couldn't abandon all the members in my group and with how much effort we all put into the group, which is why I had to decline their offer but would aid them in fighting the "Bully" group to gain peace in the server. Time has yet again passed, the leader of the "Good" group has decided to retire thus leaving the others in the group to split. Some of the members who still despises the "Bully" group's ways made a new group to fight them back which I will refer to as the "Resistance" while others had fallen into the darkness and joined them. This was indeed a dark era for those of us on the "Good" side of the shinobi way. "There was nothing we could do now" is what everyone of us knew. Not only were they the top group with the top strongest players previously, they now have even more strong players join their side. We had our 1st merge of servers with S334 and S340, the players from those server was split, some joined "Bully" group and a few joined the "Resistance" but nothing changed. We were still doomed. A day would not pass that they have not plundered everyone that is not in their group. This dark era lasted more than a year. It was too horrifying that nearly everyone stopped doing convoy missions in fear of their ambush. We then had our 2nd Merge with S328, S358, and S370. The players from these server were far more powerful that those in our server. Luckily for us, they were the good kind of group and they quickly disciplined everyone. We finally had attained peace! Fast-forward into the present time, I have now reached over 1 MILLION Power as a Free to Play player . I took some pictures years ago (sorry for the bad quality pictures) since I was proud of my achievements from ninja recruitment to title acquirement to being top 4 in Space Time!

~ Blitz

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My Server Region: UK

My Server: S154 - Ninja Monkey

In Game Name: Iris

UID: 200000090087544


My story:

I guess it starts in end of October, 2016? Was so long ago i'm not even sure of it. Got attracted to this crazy world, full of ninja and strategies for making teams. That's all u had back then, really. Numbers were important, but not like they were dropping from Tree as in these days. Not so many fancy stuff to show off, not many things to distract you either. Everyone were starting same, same equipment for everyone - how much someone will progress was determined by doing things everyone (solo or with help of friends) could do - plot, elite, team instance. With wise spend of resources, you could match and most likely win anyone. Combo was op, you wanted to have it as high as possible. If you could release all possible buffs (ignitation, poison, paralize) - even better.

On start, was weak and really afraid. For the name of all Gods, I couldn't even run convoys without help?! Someone much stronger than me had to follow me, assist me and protect me during it! Watching my opponents attacking my team mate and all I could do was only to hide. Fear followed me for long time, days became weeks and weeks became months. Until I had it enough

I'll get stronger, I'll make better teams, I'LL BEAT THEM ON MY OWN!

And I did!

From getting into great group and meeting new people and mentor which inspired me to continue fighting and guided me, over making teams alone which by any rule shouldn't work against my opponents (but it did?), finding new ways to counter abilities of their teams after they beat me - again. I started to get stronger after every fight and opponent I meet, didn't matter was it win or lose. Every opponent was new test of previous lessons, they were new lesson too in same time. There was no time to miss training and just rest, I had to find a way to match anyone who challenges me! Over months, I got better and better. Seeing effort paying off, gave new fuel to fire and it's flame. In the end, got strong enough to support my newer group mates in their convoys, as older group mates did with me so long ago.

Of course, show isn't over yet. New opponents are on battlefields, old ones are getting stronger too. I'll continue to progress, match everything they throw at me.

Bring your best, do not hold back - because I'll not either!

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The "Another Milestone of my Shinobi Life" Special Event is now ended.

Congratulations to all the winners of this event, and thank you to all the participants who joined. We hope you all enjoyed the event and we'll see you again at the next one.


Response #19. Iris - 3000 Coupons

Response #10. Trismegisto - 1500 Coupons

Response #18. Blitz - 1500 Coupons



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