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[ Events ] Naruto Online EN's 5th Year Anniversary - Event Specials


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Region: HK

Server ID: S1481 Strange Strength

Ingame Name: Sushi

UID: 300040399299212

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Milestone of my ninja life:

March 2020

It is the time when i first join Naruto Online in server S1481. It is not the first time i played online games, but definitely the first time I played Naruto related games. Everything is so cool and new to me, because you start off with 3 ninjas in the team, which is Team 7, and you slowly watch them grow, evolve them, making them equipped with better ninja tools. This is where all the fun at.

April 2020 - September 2020

I have met good friends, good guild mates which carry you for Team Instances, Team Ninja Exam, Strong Approaching, Great Ninja War. During this period i have not realised the importance 'Saving Coupons', i will spend whatever whenever i like. The worst thing that I have spent on is using around 8K coupons to buy Magatamas. When i look back today, I just feel so *, and also treating it as a lesson, but a funny one.

October 2020 - February 2021

Through playing the game long enough, I have learnt enough strategy to make a team to tackle specific enemies / instances. I have also learnt how to save coupons, and how to spend coupons, especially during Fukurokumaru deals. The first coupons ninja i got is Shisui Kimino 4 star. The sweat and tears i have to get him, its just so satisfying to see him finally BT and have him as one of the strongest ninjas i have on my team at that period. With Shisui Kimono 4 star BT that time, I started to win more fighs in Sage War Battlefield, getting better rewards, and it makes me motivated.

March 2021 - Present

There comes my another BIG FUKU spending, and i got the ninja of my dream, Naruto Sage Of Six Path 4 star BT!! With the right setup of team, I almost get the top 3 places in Sage War Battlefield, and even in the Group Ninja War, I was also the mid to top tier battle power to support the whole guild to win TOP 1 in server as well as TOP 1 in Cross Server Ninja War.

So here's my journey, it has been a great one. I hope there is more excitement waiting for me for the days to come. Happy 5th Year Anniversary Naruto Online <3 !!!

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