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[ Strategy Share ] Naruto Online EN's 5th Year Anniversary - Event Specials


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Naruto Online EN's 5th Year Anniversary - I never go back on my words, that's my Ninja Way ~
Duration: 12th of July - 25th of July; 23:59:59 HK Time zone

Naruto became strong by following his own road. He diligently trains every time he gets a time and never fails to find ways to achieve his goals! How about you?


How to Play:

- Interested individuals are invited to share their own strategies that made them who they are today. Participant's entries should include the story of how they strategized their own characters from the beginning up until these days to achieve their goals.
- The story should also contain a piece of image that shows relation to their efforts and a screenshot of your own in-game character.
- The Image can be designed the way you want it as long as you can combine the representation image and your in-game screenshot in one image.


Winners will be chosen through a voting process by the Moderators of this Forum.

- One (1) winner of 3000 Coupons
- Two (2) winners of 1500 Coupons

Please include your Region, Server ID, In-Game Name and UID together with your entry.

Insert sample image here

Best of luck~

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HK S587-RanAjishi

UID: 200000103033426

I was weak at the beginning of the game but I was determined to get stronger so I trusted myself that one day I would get stronger.


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Region: LA

Server ID: S1663 [ EASTGATE]

In-Game Name: NýĠMA



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Region: HK

Server: 855 Stone of Wind





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Region: HK

Server: 1185

IGN: Alice

UID: 200000081601337

It is a really hard time for me when I start to play this game because I'm a F2P player. This is the first team I use in Naruto Online:


I feel really hard when doing Survial Trial, Ninja Exam and Convoy. Maybe this is not only my difficulty but also is every F2P player's. After 2 years playing this game, now this is my team:


I'm at 450k BP now. And the strategy is really simple. Just complete all the daily missions, Strong Approaching, Team Instance, etc everyday. The important thing is that you need to be patient and smart. Do not waste your coupons, wait for good events to spend them such as Fukuromaru Deals, Lucky Star Wheel or Great Plates. Finally, the last thing I want to say is:


Hope you enjoy the game!

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Region: HK

Server ID: S894 - Practice Doll

In-Game Name: ⚡ᴊᴜɢᴀʀᴍɪɢᴜᴇʟ

UID: 200000103228141


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Region: HK

Server ID: S1481 Strange Strength

Ingame Name: Sushi

UID: 300040399299212

Red and White Hurdles Sporty Collage Canada Sports Instagram Story

Since i started the game back in March 2020, it's when the server S1481 opened. I was so fresh that time and everything I know about Naruto is different from that day onwards. Doing daily missions is hard, Clearing Plot Instances is hard, Challenging Ninja Exam is hard, Excelling in Sage War Battlefield is hard. This game has taught me a lot of things, one of which is PERSEVERANCE. Deep in my heart, i know that if i keep doing it every single day, all these small amount of effort will eventually paid off.

Look at me now, here I am, standing at the top of Konoha Village, watching over the Shinobies, protecting them, passing over the WILL OF FIRE.


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In-Game Name: Blitz

Region: HK

Server: S343 - Blade Dance

UID: 200000098175914


My strategy from the beginning is to spend your coupons wisely. Think before you spend! This ninja way of mine has guaranteed me to achieve my goal of keeping up with the rest of my comrades!

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5th Year Anniversary ^_^ HK Region, Server ID : S850 Anbu Scroll, In-Game Name : TOMBOLOCK, UID : 300016887689340


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Region: NY

Server ID: S77 - Mabui

In-Game ID Name: Larachell

UID: 200000087496854


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S1705 :Fire Stone


entry 1

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In game name: Akari

Server: 1637: Kendo Teacher

Region: HK

UID: 346719422443686


The greatest lesson and strategy I learned in this game is if you want something like ninjas, clothing and powerups one must have long patience to save desired coupons until you finally achieving it. Also, if you are saving I prioritize power up materials rather than getting those ninja fragment that I will never complete. I spend my free time on watching youtube strategizing my lineups and most importantly enjoying the game

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in game name :омьга

server : 1456 : puppet substitution jutsu

region : Eu

UID :300005628111909

New Project (3)

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In Game Name: Shirogane

In game name UID: 200000082988226

Server Number: S721: Lightning Assassination Sword

Server Region: HK


everyone is weak... but just waiting for time to be strong and one more thing if you fail keep trying and keep trying again it will make you a strong person

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Server ID: S4 Kakashi LA
IGN : HangeZoë
UID: 200000083513381
I've come to learn that those who ask for help and cooperate with others, not just become stronger, but also meet friends and enjoy things more.

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Region: HK

Server ID: S664: Monster Strength

In-Game Name: shimoto

UID: 300000877436886

At first I thought that power is important at all, so the more players lose to you the more stronger you are... But I realize that just play and have fun the essence of playing and having friends to make you stronger.

image (1)

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In Game Name : 青龍•Yukina•みなと

In game name UID : 200000098790514

Server Number : S358 Fourth Hokage

Server Region : HK

quote event

In the beginning, I just copy top ranking players team. After years playing, I understand the basic and started to try and error to counter the opponent team especially those who have higher initiative. The key is to use the right ninjas in the correct situation. Whenever you want to get a ninja, read their skillsets thoroughly before redeeming them, this will help you save coupons and not waste it. This will help you counter the opponent team at the same time powering up with the coupon worth in events. Always plan ahead and execute it when the time comes.

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IGN: Trismegisto

UID: 200000088294889

Server Number: S91 Izuna

Server Region: U.S. East

Naruto-vs-Sasuke (1) (1)

My strategy is to put together the most items for the largest time lapse, and use them only at the events where they apply. Being a F2P player I dedicate myself to collecting coupons and spending them at the time Fukurokumaru's, that if always and when he has good rewards. Additionally, read each of the events and skills of the ninjas, also know how the scales work, gives a great advantage.

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In Game Name: AyanaK


Server Number: S1372

Server Region: UK

This month, I participated in the second discord event, where I remembered the strategies, I did at the beginning until now. And I hope that these strategies will help others as well. I started to play in the server S1372 in September 2019, but It wasn’t my first server. My first server was S560.Among the years, I learnt tricks, that makes me who I am today. I’m happy to share them with everyone. I certainly know that I still have a lot to learn, but the first thing I did is to save everything, and spend it on the right time and to play every event possible. (And you need to have lots of patience, but if you lack it as me, it will take time to grow one, so hold tight. Nothing is free or easy at first)

1. Don’t claim daily login until you're level 16. Daily Practice will open then, and that exp boost will matter at the end of the day. It will make the difference between top 1 and 2.

2. Another trick is if you reach level 41 before daily reset you can deposit 150k more, so you can tell that to your fellow comrades that, to raise your group level faster than the other ones you are in competition with. Also, participating in the second discord event, made me aware that a lot of people didn’t know about this trick (since it was a prize for the most contribution attained in a week).

3. Put effort into the ninja exam, strong approaching, and team instance. Don’t be shy to ask for help – teamwork is important at the beginning

4. Spend your sun scrolls on magatamas, mostly on initiative or attack.

5. Water the tree, DO NOT spend your coupons in Home Interface useless you’re playing in a forum/discord event, and you can win a prize for it. In forum, it exists a sheet with how much points you can attain for giving each ninja a gift – so use that. Also, you can earn piggies from completing level 5 or higher for certain ninjas, so don’t neglect it very much.

6. Refines will came mostly from events, so you can focus saving most of your moons into keys since it will open at level 48.

7. Spend your refines/keys/charms in rebates, also you can spend your seal scrolls when it’s seal scroll rebate and 7 days walfare as well.(you get extra seal scrolls for doing that). Save your coupons for Fukurokumaru's..

8. Do arena, if it’s a new server on the 1st month you are not matching with players from other servers, instead with a bot.

9. Do every event possible, Sage World Battlefield(for extra refines), Fighting Matsuri Challenge, World Boss - Nine Tails Invasion and Great Ninja War. You won’t regret it.

10.Save, save and save. This should be your new favorite word. You don’t know how much difference saving makes than spending everything every orther day.

11.Do 8 inner gates every time you attain a lot of coins you can spare, since it will be easier to take it from time to time, th*l in one go.

12.Use every Naruto Online Guide you can find, in forum/discord made by players. This will help you very much, like how much orbs you need to attain for next level, how much exp is required for cave rune keys etc.

13.And make sure you have fun and create bonds with people!222222

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Region: HK

Server ID: S1721 Double Lightning

In game name: Teds

UID: 356622780734975


When you love to Play a Game, you need to do all the adjustments in order for you to progress. What are all those adjustments? Well as for me to strategized everything, I need to focus on the following matters.

First, I let myself know the game. I do research on the very mechanics of the game, its resources and events. Once I had it all the information, I'd make sure I have the right schedule on the events specially those daily practice events and timed-events. I don't let myself missed all of those events, for they were the best sources of your free stuff in-game. Second, once I have the resources (moon/sun scrolls), I spent it wisely. Spend out the most of it, do it with the best timing when there's a synchronized events up. (Ex. Season-General Store Customer, etc.)Third, SAVE your hard-earned coupons, and spend it wisely during Fuku Deals, Fuku gives you so much free items especially premium ninjas. So do it best during those times.

I keep myself positive, confident and persistent in-game, I never give up on playing even I am just starting at the new server! I want to achieve something.


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