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Idea For Great Ninja War Treasure 2


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there should be a new recruit treasure, its been a while since ones been introduced and i think its time for a new oneninjas like:

Edo Kimimaro

Edo Chiyo

Chukaku(filler character i think)


Edo Gari

Edo Hayate

Edo Hizashi Hyuga

Edo tense

i Sound Four

Edo Kakuzu

Edo Tatewaki (filler character)

Some better form of Neji possibly

8 gates Guy (a unit like madara and kcm naruto or super rare like hashirama edo & susano itachi)

stronger form of sakura maybe

Kaguya (she has a higher chance of being a P2W ninja but super rare would be nice)

G2W Shizune

Anko G2W

Edo Tensei Torune Aburame

Edo Chen(filler)

Atsui(cloud ninja)

Black zetsu (more offensive ninja, since there was a zetsu in the first treasure this unit being in the second is improbable but would be interesting)

Blue B/Fukai(filler)

This is a bunch of ninjas icould think of, some are a little over the top and improbable but there are a lot of ninjas from the great ninja war arc that arnt in the game yet, and i think that it would be really nice if they came in a recruit treasure.

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