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So the problem is want to get ninja fragments from great plate roulette board. Which one will have a better chance to get ninja fragments spend all in one day or spend some each day?

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Its all RNG, theres no difference if u spend it all in one day or spending it little by little each day.

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In the past you used to get more ninja fragments if you do little by little every day. Now, i don't know, haven't done full 2.200 in years.

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hmm nice

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In the Great Plates Event, if you are targeting to get more Ninja Fragments or to complete or almost near to complete a Ninja, it will be better for you to spend your Great Keys partially. Divide the total amount of the maximum milestone and distribute it daily (averaging from 500 to 600 keys per day). But if you are the kind of player like me who targets to get more items like Cave Keys and Epic Refine Runes then it is much better to do all the spins in one day. Thank you.

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