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How does math work in this game?


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So aside from having very questionable balance, this game seems to be throwing math out the window for the most part.
Case in point, Rinne Sasuke's passive skill (we're considering Sasuke with full BT), the one that gives Fear. The stated propability is 50%, so reasonably you should expect it to happen exactly half the time more or less.
That doesn't seem to be the case a lot of the time. For example the current one-ninja-meta Naruto 6P. Sasuke is supposed to be a soft counter to his attack spam.
But nope, happens rarely if ever. Naruto's attack (when fully broken) is hitting 4 ninjas, i.e. entire team unless you have clones, summons or whatever.
If Sasuke is on that team, then Naruto's chance to get Fear is 50%. If he attacks 2x, it's 75%, 3x 87,50%, and finally 4x 93,75%
So mathematically, Naruto attacking the team with Sasuke 4x times in one round should be incredibly rare. 3x very unlikely
But no. I see it all the time in Arena, 3v3, Decisive Bonds, etc. And it doesn't seem to depend on the power levels too much. Either Sasuke is secretly nerfed, or Naruto 6p got another buff, because that's what everyone needs.
Or, more likely, the math in this game makes no sense.

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Wait, are you saying you think that Naruto is supposed to have 93% chance to get fear, but its not happening that often, because you think its bugged? No. Its just the 50%~ chance IF Naruto hits Sasuke. It doesn't matter if Naruto hits main character or anybody else.

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once again another 6p/sasuke bt post

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As Tutturuu said, probability/chance does not increase as each event is not connected or influenced by other events. This means that, regardless of how many times a ninja attacks Sasuke, their individual event chance of getting feared remains 50%.

An example would be a coin with heads or tails. If you flip the coin twice, regardless of what you get the first time, you will still have 50% chance to get either heads or tails on your second flip.

In the future, instead of making assumptions, I recommend asking the community first. The Naruto Online Community is a great resource and they try their best to help.

Also, if you do have any concerns in regards to bug or issues in the future, you can definitely report it in the Bug/Support section.

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