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[ Events ] So... no commemoration to anniversary?


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The issue has been resolved. Ya all can delete this post

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Naruto Online EN's Anniversary is actually on the 20th of July. Usually, we do Special Events a week before the actual Anniversary week to commemorate and celebrate it, and we are actually going to have some this coming week. On the other hand, if you are not aware of our Official Naruto Online Discord Channel, we are currently having Special Events in there also which started a week ago already but there's still some that will come these coming weeks. Thank you.

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This fuku has taka Karin frags as well. Many thought this would happen, so it's a big surprise. At least she's now cheaper than doing full runs on Wheel of fortune. Still not new enough to make me spend fully. Maybe later, when this fuku comes again and there is better events during that time. And I have enough coupons for a full fuku.

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