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[ Lineup ] Stuck on 70 Elite Instance "The Art of Explosions"


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Gah, it's like Chapter 7's "Life-Threatening Battle" all over again, only longer and more of a pain in the coot.

The real issue aren't the ninja -- it's the first turn explosives, and the crippling inability to deal with said explosives, aside from *tering clones everywhere and pray. There has got to be a better way, though: Round 2/3 has one homing mine in the bottom grouping; Round 3/3 has three - one top grouping, one bottom grouping, and one center grouping, all ready to explode at the end of the first turn. Primary Team is Azure Fang-Hinata-GNW Kiba-Sasuke 3*, though I've used combos like Naruto 3*-Kakashi-Zabuza to eek out a 1-star rating in "Life-Threatening Battle" Plot Instance. Any advice? Preferably any advice that doesn't involve "Pain."

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clones and mirror genjustsu :D :D
you can switch your team with your sub ninja between waves too, it;s very helpfull
my main 's azure fang then i switch to fire main with sleep too clear all :D:D
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your standard attacks default to the enemy directly in front of them. i aimed my strongest units at the bird explosive on the last wave. eliminating that one allowed me to survive long enough to kill deidara and tobi
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Okay, after some shuffling and stalling, I noticed that on the Second Wave, MSS Zabuza was able to use his Water Prison Mystery right away, despite everyone being reset. So after some looking, Zabuza wasn't plagued by Battlefield Cooldown, that annoying thing that prevents some characters from using their Mysteries right away, even if you have the chakra for it. So, I did some more looking, and I discovered Fiveninja that 1) didn't have a BFCD, 2) could target an enemy, and 3) had an ability to interrupt/CC and prevent enemies from using Mystery. Those five were Shikamaru, Ino, MSS Zabuza, Neji, and GNW Neji.

Eventually, I took up MSS Zabuza, GNW Neji, and... Ino, because, why not? I've already invested in her, and I didn't really have the faith in them *ing up or anything. It was basically an experiment.

An experiment that blew up! Nevermind I didn't have a deck set up for my Azure Fang to combo with these guys, they didn't really need it, and the normal skill set I was using was perfect to keep them alive, as well as provide extra CC mixing up. Every two rounds, CC the Spider Bombs (GNW Neji has a CD of 3, which I initially thought would be an issue, that is until Zabuza killed the flying bird bomb right off the bat, 2x attacks go!) and go to work on Deidara and Tobi, both dying very quickly in the face of this onslaught. And, so, I cleared this mission with 3 stars and not a loss of ninja personnel, not even a clone! :)
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