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[ Bugs ] Edo release Madara ninja exam bug


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So ive been trying to pass ninja exam lvl 316 and i was on the way of winning it if my madara didnt bug out the whole game in the round 4 with his mystery, ive repeated it countless times and it was a same story everytime. Do you guys know how to fix it?

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New ninjas and breakthroughs can have unexpected interactions with older gameplay. I have no idea what you're experiencing when you say "bug out", and it wouldn't surprise me if no one else has experienced this, or at least no one else has reported this.

My first suggestion would be to just not use Madara (I assume you mean ETR Madara) for this instance, or don't use his mystery at that point.

Barring that, if you can submit video of the issue, I can submit that to the devs and they can look into the issue for you. Please keep in mind that you need to properly embed the video; do not provide a link to an externally hosted video.

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