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[ Suggestions ] Kaguya Otsutsuki [Ninja Suggestion]


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Tags : Hidden Jutsu , Rinnegan , Barrier , Woman

Mystery Skill: [NIN] [INSTANT] Kaguya's Dimension [Battle CD : 0 Chakra : 20 Cooldown : 3] Launch a random Barrier for 2 rounds, either Magma Dimension , Interruption up to 9 enemies and irremovable Ignition for 2 rounds or Ice Dimension, Interruption up to 9 enemies and irremovable Slow for 2 rounds.

Standard Attack: Eighty Gods Vacuum Attack : Deal damage up to 6 enemies cause 5-combo and high chance of Repulse to one of them. this skill ignore defense partially

Chase Attack : Banishment : chase and attack Repulse unit, cause Knockdown and Banish the first unit until end of round. This skill is unavoidable. (Banish : Remove unit from field like kamui) .*only effective for the first unit . if there is an unit that increase chase , the second chase Banish not gonna active*

Chase Attack : Almighty Push : Triggered with 20-COMBO , cause damage up to 3 enemies , remove Shields and Buffs and Increase the enemy's Mistery skill Chakra cost by 20 until the end of next round (non-stackable). *Increase Chakra Cost to 3 enemies*

Passive skill : Chakra Ancestor : Kaguya gain Lv.2 Immunity Debuffs .An unit who Attacks Kaguya will have 40 chakra absorb from it. when her life reach 30% or lower , absorb 5% Life from up to 6 random enemies in the field (Triggered Once per Battle) .

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Nice concept but I think such a ninja is gonna break the meta, literally.

Because of this she's probably gonna be totally p2w.

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She will have to be way stronger than that mate, no offence. Since shes gonna be an infinite tsukuyomi ninja when she arrives most probably. As Kenichi said, shes gonna be a meta breaker so her kit is gonna be out of this world.

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Hello, thank you for this suggestion, I will pass it along.

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Well, she'll have to be stronger than Edo-Tensei Madara. He's already overpowered.

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