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[ Bugs ] you are kidding us


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  • you have answered only about Killer Bee. what about the gold stats in nijat tools from team instances. the gold +4% elemental res? what about the all thing inside SBW, where we can decide which one to fight? ok i know. people want fast fights. they need winning streaks, right? how will they be able to have winning streaks with other ways...

    as the The_X said, at first it was Kakuzu earth grudge that had "bug" at his skill brakes, that some players got them earlier. then it was Killer Bee and now Madara Edo Tensei. can you please name us the next unit that will have "bug" at its skill brakes? more people will want to be benefit from this future "bug".

    we are having democracy. you c*ways choose which theme you want to answer or not. i can have my conclusions whether you answer or not. besides, even Qv havent answered me about KIller Bee's brakes and what is fair or not, then he changed place at forum. i feel him. the News is much more easier.

well, fact that bug / mistake happens is simply normal.. (never made a mistake yourself?)

for the SWB... lvl freezing is a reasonable strategy, if you rushed your story without powering up, well... time to freeze and catch up a bit..
Fast fights in SWB are ofc wanted as it also benefits others in camp (winning camp gets better rewards for everyone in it).

About the team instance tools... you cant simple take it from someone who got it... Same as for BTs on 3* ninjas...
I dont know what is wrong with Madara ETR right know? His BT wasnt working, but he is fixed now (took a week to fix it?).

With no offense meant, this seems to me only like a: "QQ, I dont have ninjas and they do. QQ, I dont have power and they do."

Tachibana would like to answer you, Im sure... but you have to make sense and be clear about what you actually want / need to be answered...

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