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[ Bugs ] you are kidding us


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  • you do remember what happened with his brakes right? how they first added them and that they told us that it was bug. some people got him full sb on 3 stars and suddenly they informed us about this "bug". good benefit for these players. such a fair thing of the company. congrats again....

    i m not accusing the players. please dont think this way.

    i do know that meta changes. but i believe that there will be more "bugs" such as Killer Bee's...

it happened with more ninjas, for example kakuzu EG but if you wanna complain about something more serious how about things that we still didnt got like splash on edo yagura's bt.... that is something as huge as naruto having splash.... and there are a lot more "small" changes that seems to not arrive in our version...

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