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[ Help ] What if Hinata was the true villain of the Naruto and Boruto series?


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What if Hinata was the true mastermind of all the events? Let's get this straight for this what if.

1. Hinata's sensei is Kurenai the Genjutsu master right? Remember she raises her after Hinata's mother died right?

2. I think Hinata isn't innocent at all. She has a temple in her Closet of Naruto. Is that not creeper than Jiraiya's peeking?

3. Hinata is just a Fangirl nothing more or less.

4. If Hinata was the true villain. She'll have better Character development than any other characters in the show.

5. Hinata doesn't know Sasuke so she wouldn't know if he wore glasses or not.

6. The Cream she gave him at the Chunin Exams is actually genjutsu.

7. Remember the Naruto wasn't good at dispelled the Genjutsu.

8. Boruto finds the Diary of Hinata and explains what truly happen. How she manipulated everyone around here.

9. She was the one who asked Kumo ninja to kidnapped her in front of Naruto and she'd probably hired the bullies to bully her to make her weaker in Naruto's eyes for him to "save her."

10. Hinata would've known about the Otsutsuki clan due to the history of the clan.

11. What if Hinata had the power of manipulated powers to plant little thoughts into other people?

12. What if she was the reason for Sakura's and Ino's obsession with Sasuke cause of Hinata's fear of not getting Naruto. What if Hinata thought of Ino and Sakura as her only threats of losing Naruto?

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