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[ Suggestions ] Arena Rank Matching (6paths and Non-6paths)


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I have a suggestion, can we have 2 clusters in arena ranking, 1st is for non-6paths ranked players and 2nd is for 6paths ranked players. More and more greedy players in ranking farm wins from the other newer servers. They are so greedy for ranking that doesn't really add that much value in terms of arena rewards, i think (correct me if I am wrong). So yeah, I think we should have 2 sets of arena matchmaking.

Those who "wanna try their lineups (for OP ninjas)" or whatever their goal is, they can do that in their own cluster, assuming ofc they've already reached 6paths.

Let others enjoy this feature of the game and reach 6paths too so more people can participate in Zenith :)

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I believe removing ranked and keeping regular training arena with no rewards at all, not even daily moon scrolls or first wins, would be the best solution. After 60 seconds without a match, we are matched with a npc default team.

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Hello, thank you for this suggestion, I will pass it along.

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I still think the solution for ranked arena is that you only lose points for a loss if you are 6 paths rank. Then I think you would see a lot more people in ranked arena. Same thing should be done for Bonds.

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Thanks all for your insights and thank you for your response.

Just to be clear, one of the reasons I posted this topic is to (indirectly) remind players out there that once you reached 6paths you will still get the same amount of random rare ninja and common ninja fragments regardless of your ranking (Again, correct me if I am wrong). The main reason is to stop or hopefully lessen this nonsense urge of others to climb up the ranking. If they really want to, then better fight someone who is at 6paths too so other non6paths players are not affected.

There are actually some players who do not know about this and I understand that, that is why we need to remind them :D Welp same with DB, this time without the rewards (seasonal task only) but that's for another discussion. hehe

I honestly like that they made Zenith available for reaching 6paths since Zenith is one of the most interesting Events in the game, by far the best IMO :) Only downside in zenith for newer players is that some Summon Mysteries like MonkeyKing is not available if your account doesn't have the Summon Mystery (which is great for Scarlet/Breeze) - Well I am a returning player so I don't know if they made them available even if you don't have MonkeyKing.

PS: I reached 6paths this month so it's not about "me not hitting 6paths" but rather a mere suggestion to make the game better for those who are struggling, or for those who struggled, as most of us did.

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kinda good idea for newbie, but a bit complicated and irrelevant to avoid the current system. maybe you need to present a better reason. dont get me wrong, I totally understand what you are implying. however, here, its hard to change a thing without changing the whole thing. plus, any kind of arena event has the mechanic which equipments isn't a factor. so, the stat between players is really not that far, even if there is slight difference. this one reason can rejects your suggestion. anyway, I still like your idea. hope they consider it.

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Again, thanks for your input.

I guess it's all up to them Devs if they wanna imrpove Arena or it will stay as it is. Anyways, with or without changes I guess we will just have to adapt haha.

Well, Zenith is fast approaching. Goodluck to all the participants and have fun!

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***This should totally be my last post, definintely hahaha


Good to see Arena is free of 6paths Vs Non-6paths matching :))) So I guess those who wanna rank up after 6paths can do whatever they like.

In my old server, two of my P2W friends tried matching with each other, 6paths vs superkage and safe to say they did not match, with all the "mechanincs of the matchup" in place.

I don't know if they've just updated the matching or they fixed the arena long before my original post hehehe (I was actually not able to test it last month tbh lol). I could've sworn we tested that way back, or maybe I was wrong entirely. LOL. Anyways, I had other purposes on posting that topic :)

Still, hope we don't get too greedy of ranking (with same rewards). Tho it's all up to us.

PS: This game as I mentioned is not about fair fights between players (1 month old P2W with fully BT madara/6paths vs. 4 month old f2p with inccomplete fragments can still match in arena).

It is up to us on how we should adjust to the game, learn the mechanics of its features/events, study buffs/debuffs, know how to actually build a team. The more you know, the better.

(Not encouraging alts, but totally up to you how you do things - better if you have friends)

PPS: F2Ps can still win vs. P2Ws actually (in some cases), especially in arena. Just up to us how well we know the game and how deep we are willing to look for the answers ourselves. And ofc with a bit of luck, not all P2Ws are god, same goes with F2Ps xD

Anyways, I just dropped by for the update. Seems like we can close this thread now. Thanks for the help, Mod tylermotoki. Goodluck to all and have fun!

***This should totally be my last post, definintely hahaha

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