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Edo Madara BT malfunctioning


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Heya, Advent of a World of Flowering Trees breakthrough passive is not working as intended.

I haven't been able to trigger the strong poison effect at all as it is explained in the proxy or displayed in the videos.
The description of the skill itself is lacking since it doesn't even specify how that field works, which is weird.

About the other field passive, the one that removes inmune once the field comes in effect if the enemy ninja gets hit with either earth, fire, wind or lightning elemental damage. It is malfunctioning, only fire elemental damage removes inmunity, the other elements do not.

Please offer an explanation to both situations.

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The devs are aware of these issues and are currently working to fix them. At present there's no ETA on when a fix will happen, but hopefully it will be soon. We're sorry for the inconvenience, but thanks for bearing with us!

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