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[ Ninja Exam ] How To Beat Ninja Exams 300 - 304 With The Lightning Main Character


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(As The Title States Above As Such Though) This Is The Team That I've Currently Used To Beat Ninja Exams 300 - 303 With The Lightning Main Character (Ultimately Though)

Ninja Exams 300 - 303 Lightning Main Lineup

..And This Is The Team That I've Currently Used To Beat Ninja Exam 304 (Currently Though)

Ninja Exam 304 Lightning Main Lineup

Additional Requirements For Completion Are As Follows (Ultimately Though) First, Equip Your Pakkun As Your Mystery's Summon In Your Mystery Summon's Slot (Ultimately Though) And Your Mabui (Lightning Shield) Lvl 8 (Ninja Assist Card) As Your Assist Ninja In Your Assist Ninja Slot (Also Too Though) And As For Your Treasured Tools Lineup You Must First Equip Your Main With The Fan Then Second Hayate With The Gourd And Third Uzuki With The Rope And Finally Gaara (Regular) With The Sword (Ultimately Though) And As For Tips With Ninja Exam 300..Firstly, Target Orochimaru (Konoha's Traitor) With Uzuki In The Second Round Of The Exam..Instead Of Hiruzen (Edo Tensei) If You Can Though Otherwise You May Get To The Round Limit (Inevitably Though) And Will Be Unable To Complete The Ninja Exam In The Given Amount Of Rounds (Ultimately Though) And Lastly As For Ninja Exam 304..Target Itachi Uchiha (Edo Tensei) First And Then Move Onto Sasuke (Susanoo) And Then Finally Move Onto "Madara Uchiha" (Obito Impersonator) (Five Kage Summit) Though And From That Point Onward Depending On Your Current Resistance And Defense Level You Currently Have You Should've Been Able To Tank Most Of Your Opponents Ninjutsu based Attacks Like Madara's Susanoo Attack Or Shisui's Kotoamatsukami (Ultimately Though)

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