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[ Ninja Exam ] How To Beat Ninja Exam 299 With The Lightning Main Character


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(As The Title Of The Topic States As Such Though) This Is The Team That I've Currently Used To Beat Ninja Exam 299 With The Lightning Main Character (Currently Though)

Ninja Exam 299 Lightning Main Lineup

Additional Requirements For This Exam's Completion Are As Follows (Though) : First (As Always Here) Equip Your Pakkun As Your Mystery Summon In Your Mystery's Summon Slot And Equip Your Mabui (Lightning Shield) Card At Lvl 7 As Your Assist Card In Your Assistance Card Slot (Also Too Though) And As For Your Treasured Tools Selection Lineup : First, Equip Your Main With The Fan And Yugao With The Sword Then Karui With The Gourd And Finally Kurenai (Summer) With The Rope (Though) And As For Tips For This Exam (Though)..Firstly Target Hidan (Death Possession Blood) Then Sasori (Edo Tensei) Interrupt His Mystery Prompt Before His Mystery Is Released Onto The Battlefield (Though) Then On Kakuzu (Earth Grudge Fear) Then Move Onto Nagato (Edo Tensei) If Beforehand You Didn't "Take Out" Deidara (Edo Tensei) By Then (Though) But By Now Try To Eliminate Pain (Tendo) From This Point Henceforth And Finally Onto Konan (Angel Of God) If She Hasn't Been Defeated In The Process Of Trying To "Take Out" Pain (Tendo) From The Equation (Ultimately Though) And So There Should Now Be A 80% Chance That You'll Be Able To Complete This Exam After These Guidelines Above Have Been Followed Throughout The Extent Of This Exam Now (Currently Though)

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