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[ Events ] Sakura's Gift


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I want to see if I have a chance for Tsunade in sakura's gift. Does anyone know how many coupons I would have to spend to all 74 frags? Ever since she release, I only managed to get 6 frags. So if I can get her, I want to go for it.

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Around 45k

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Just my opinion, spending on Sakura's Gift is the worst idea to do. It has no return for what you'll spend since it is a direct purchase, mixed in a good amount of RNG. If you have the intention of trying to best your luck and get the top ranks then you should try to see things around, the event's ranking isn't for your server but for the whole region. If I were you, and if I really want to get her then I'll find a better event to get her where Fukurokumaru's Deal is also around.

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sakura gift event. I do not recommend the competition events especially since it is random. Anyway, it is really rubbish .. since there are moderators here who receive very disadvantageous benefits vs the freetoplay especially the cashersm since they invest money for some time .. and yet they are disadvantaged, I think that the moders who live These benefits will be grouped in a server for them .. since they make a kind of unevenness and disadvantage for us f2p. and ftw ...and those that we pay

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Since that event is random, it can cost you approx 50k cps !!

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