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[ Suggestions ] more visiting ninja in home interface and stronger kakashi clones


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i was hoping if new visiting ninja could be added to home interface
and kakashi clones where u can test out lineups
the kakashi clones are too weak to practice on and they should be made more tough
with much more hp and res/def cause they die too quickly and it necessary to do so since more and more players are becoming OP
or even make it that u can select an option of what battle power u have to use on the clones
u could have BP like 300k 400k 700k 900k 1.1m and so on cause there still low power players around

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(for kakashi clones) or at least to scale with your power

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Hello, thank you for these suggestions, I have heard the kakashi clone suggestion numerous times, including just an increase to HP for the clones, but not scaling other attributes, so lower powered players would not be affected. Would this be something you agree with? Or do you wish for all traits to be scaled based upon battle power?

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why i was thinking about scaling is because in my opinion "beating yourself" is the best benchmark, but both ways would be good, scaling or only hp boost

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