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[ Lineup ] GNW madara or Edo madara?


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im torn between the 2 i can BT only one. so can only choose one.

So Edo madara is more like a carry/position 1 now but i already have 4 good position 1. edo minato kushina and 6p nar all skill broken max.

Madara Gnw is a very good support gives 40% buff and shield gives endurance/durability to the team. plus a jinjuriki. his chase c*so immobilize 6p naruto and destroy his immunity

so who will i get? edo og gnw?

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kushina and edo minato are getting a bit old these days and can't really keep up with upcoming first position ninjas. BUUUUT , since you already have six paths i don't think you need another first position ninja, so gnw madara would be fine

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No one really knows how edo madara is going to perform in our meta, so gnw madara is the safer option. But you can pick edo madara if you like him.

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