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  • Mr. Hades On 2021-06-08 11:47:56
  • Yea they have changed. Not sure where we can see them though.

Nin Magatama2 x1
Scroll Page x3
Small Myo Pack x5
Adv Thread x1
Cave Key x2
Mantra Elixr x3
Cultivation Rune x100
Cultivate Scroll x2
Unbound Rune x4 (Singles)
Mood Scroll x5
Purification Prot. Pk x4
Training Potion x5
Iruka x1
Gaara (Suit) x1
Fukurokumaru x1

Pretty Certain this is the list; each one is what I have personally collected. I don't know if its still possible to get Pain - Tendo Frags anymore as I haven't seen them again.

As for the adjustments I would like to see, the unbound Runes should be packets, not singles. Cultivation runes could see the door for something else as well, but I can see them making the case for the newer players/servers....but increase the amount to 1000, not 100. I would like to see Bond Scroll optional packs in here as well.

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