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I have a dream ~ A great dream last night !

Like none other, i vision A wonderland.

My fellow pals free to do as they pleased

Freed from fear and harshness of the outside


And the place we call HOME. MT MYOBOKU

My pilgrimage to the Highland was not ez thou

The route was long and d-wedeling

Circulus yet undulating, puzzling with inlets

Here there everywhere it leads, and yet we

would Ended up at the one same place.


When I finally arrived I saw that I was not

First, I was the Later and in front of Me,

I saw statues of MY Ancestors lined up IN

Like Guardians on the Climb to the PEAK.


It is here that I really begin my quest,

To traverse the world of my Ancestors 'path.

AND discover for myself the meaning of

Their stories, where thus are we headed ?

If not to certainty, and so I secluded

myself for study and research upon MYOBOKU.


What is it that makes MYOBOKU so vibrant ?

Lush with greenery and bugs of all kinds

Oohh the delicacies available even I never

Thought was even possible, makes Me drool

My Hunger for greater understanding wouldn't



From within me outpour A savage desire,

i want to i gotta, I had to catch em all !

Muahhahah, and so I went to bed that nite,

Plotin, and plotin, dreamin up all sorta

plans and stratagems, they will not see

Just right where they Least expected .


And so the Next Morn, I found the

Rule of Deeds, It is a simple One all

That belongs to One belongs to ALL.

It is the path of Sage Words that I

pick up from My studies. Deep like a well,

Filled yet to the brim, until none can

stay within, but be forcefully flushed

placeholder, to be continued dum dee dum ~

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