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[ Player Guide ] Lightning Main character skill update


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Hey guys!

Just a small thread talking about the new skill updates and what it changes/ ninjas that it could be useful for.

So here is a screenshot of all the Lightning Main changes:


Passive 1-4: This passive used to be a buff for every chakra he has but it's now for every chakra he uses. Honestly it could be really really strong in the later rounds but you need to survive until then. Sadly you can't really use it for the lightning armor blitz teams because it's only 20 chakra cost. I would recommend using it only with the Chidori mystery which can be great for pos1 lightning main f2p teams.

Passive 2-1: So the biggest change here is that he summons the clones 3 times in rounds 1,4,7. But honestly the clones passive is not much worth using compared to Root of Warrior or even Bloodthirsty Demon. If you need some extra meat shields you can consider using it

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