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[ Player Guide ] Wind Main character skill update


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Hey guys!

Just a small thread talking about the new skill updates and what it changes/ ninjas that it could be useful for.

So here is a screenshot of all the Wind Main changes:


Mystery 3: So this is not too much of a change to the old mystery. The only change is that your team mystery chakra cost will be reduced by 20 which is of questionable usefulness because it really depends on your team. Anyway this mystery is worth using nevertheless even if your team doesn't need the chakra reduction (could be useful if you have chakra buffed teams so you can spend less chakra)

Passive 1-1: Very very good buff because this passive is probably the most used one. Non-removable immunity means that any female pos1 carry becomes much stronger and has safe 2 rounds immunity. Some useful ninjas to consider using with this passive would be Konan, Shizuka, Temari and of course you c*e pos1 Wind Main with a support Sakura, Tsunade etc.

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