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[ Bugs ] Shinobi Feast - Lucky Feast Rewards Inconsistant


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Why are you only giving rewards out to different number of players each day? Before it was a consistent 5 players selected per day, now it seems quite arbitrary day after day; some days its 3, 5, 4, etc. I have even witnessed a day where only 2 were selected, but that was months ago. If its supposed to be 5 winners every day, then you are shorting the rewards that you give out. I have personally had 200 points each day. A thorough explanation of how (and why) this is supposed to work is necessary.

Because keep in mind, the ONLY RULES GIVEN that are posted is as follows:


This weeks daily winners:
***4 winners*** (Missing 1)
***5 Winners***

***4 Winners*** (Missing 1 again)


***3 Winners only!!*** (And by George, I finally Got one....I'm Radius btw) Missing 2


***3 Winners only yet again!*** Missing 2

By this count, 6 rewards are unaccounted for....

There is enough room for 7 winners, yet it was always 5 before....but now it seems like you do less because you can get away from it. Either players are getting shafted out of rewards, the system is glitching (which will still have players being shafted out of rewards and no way to argue against it) or your rules are arbitrary and not completely posted. Seeing as ingots are only earned through purchase with real money, this matter should be taken very seriously.

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Update for the next day's rewards:

***3 Winners***


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  • tylermotoki On 2021-06-04 12:26:55
  • Hello, I am not sure if there is any specific reasoning behind the number of winners for these events, but I can inquire about this.

Please do, because there is literally no reason as to why. Its clearly a huge cross server event (probably the entire NY region servers) and it clearly will have over 50 people that spend in it. The other event (Konoha Special) literally performs the exact same way and it has steady winners. Feel free to send me some compensation if you like, but both you and I know that this won't happen ever..... :/

Once again, luck isnt on my side, but at least they are all accounted for. THIS bug, however, doesn't show the "lucky points" players ac*ulated, and this should be corrected (but probably won't).

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Welp, spoke too soon, you are doing the same exact thing to this event as well. Still waiting for a detailed explanation for why you are shorting players on rewards.

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This still being looked into or are you guys just hoping you can sweep this under the rug?

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