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3v3 is fun to do yes, but making it two weeks and time restricted in my opinion is bad. So far anyway I have yet to any of the daily missions for 3v3, but that doesn't mean I won't in the future. I was thinking from now on make it a one week event or not time restricted. If you do 3v3 every day and do all the daily missions for it you get 117 of the boxes. If you make it 1 week, just double the boxes for the daily missions so people wont miss out. I only suggest this because during the first opening for 3v3, getting a chance for 3v3, is about zero, every is afk, got some players still playing, but they dont have the right ninja for 3v3, so gonna be giving people free wins. During the second opening, the people I play with are usually busy and just auto. I get lucky and get wins. I know you guys cant change things because a hand full or one person aren't having the greatest chances. I'm just throwing this thought out there in hoping there might be a chance this could be a change.

Personally, I would prefer the week over the losing the time restriction over the event, but that's just me. I'm sure there are others out there that would rather have the time restriction gone. For the Idea of the one week and get double the boxes. I know it won't be 117 boxes anymore, but 116 or 118 would be fine.

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