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[ Help ] New Main Changes for 5/27/20201


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  • IamElectric On 2021-05-27 14:17:53
  • Water Release Bottom Force is still 10% Atk and 5% Def. Checked the Nature Cultivation option and under Water Elements Sensory IV, the Earth Release Bottom Force still at 7% Atk and 5% Def.

    Either they missed this, or this was intentional to make it different from the Chinese version and so you can choose for Tank (Earth Release Bottom Force: 5% Def, 5% Res buff stacks) or Tank/TaiDam (Water Release: 10% Atk, 5% Def buff stacks) Earth Main.

Doubt it was conscious decision, as this clearly is interaction between changed talent, that has further upgrade with 2nd nature. It makes no sense to justify this as a progression option, as if they wanted more diversity we would have 3rd nature implemented. Also changes to base skills in CN are followed by changed 2nd nature skills.

Currently here this problem affects bottom force on earth main and clones on lightning main. Changes on base talent dont apply to nature upgraded versions.

However looking at skills that were updated in cn this might also create a problem in the future to:
Water main heal standard. /change on base skill side,

Water main's experimental ninjutsu /change on 2nd nature side, base skill intact.

Fire main's death mirage /change on 2nd nature side, base skill intact

Fire main's 2nd standard (high combo attack) /change on 2nd nature side, base skill intact

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