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[ Help ] New Main Changes for 5/27/20201


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Oasis really *ing shafted LM the most.

1.) Heart flux was so badass because the power up great and it was simple! for each chakra point over 20, his atk would be increase by 2%. now he has to *ing use the * chakra in order to get at most, 40 is his highest chakra usage, 24% and 16% increase in atk and crit rate. You know how *ing useless that is?! no one *ing uses LM as the main damage dealer because all the * ninjas out there do more * and makes his entire increase in strength all for naught! he barely makes its as a support as it is compared to all the other mains.

2.)Clone Combination tactic. Who the * uses that instead of wind release variant? I tell you and its no one! oooh big surprise i get to summon ONE clone that has only 45% of LM's HP and i can summon him again in the 4th and 7th round BIG *ing whoop. Do you guys even *ing pay attention to your own game or are you all just using the last of the money you guys scammed for drugs?! One clone is not going to do anything to other opponents besides being a * meat shield and telling me that i can summon another clone in the 4th and 7th round is nothing considering how easy it is to destroy.

To the people who made these changes in Oasis, i hope you guys get fired from your jobs because you did absolutely nothing to improve LM and made all the other mains more overpowered. go * Yourselves

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