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[ Suggestions ] lol mac mini client please


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  • Mac are given out to employees and students from businesses and schools. It's one thing for employees and students to log on through the browser and play with their company or school computer. It's an entirely different situation if those same employees and students are now downloading the mini client and installing it.

Lol this is just blatantly untrue. It's not like 100% of Macs in use are given out by schools or businesses to their people and 100% of PCs are private use computers. From personal experience, when I was in high school we were all given Dell laptops (PCs) as our school computers, while I had a MacBook Pro for personal home use. My neighbors also all use Macs at home and guess what? They bought those by themselves, for themselves. It literally has nothing to do with who originally owns the computer, the devs are just too stup|d and lazy to put in the effort to make a Mac client.

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