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When doing teams. Sometimes its annoying to target a ninja. Other ninja can be in the way. So I had a thought that might make targeting easier.


I think placing the 27 placement slots where I marked on each side would be a good idea. On your side for when you have ninja like Gakido, you can target ninja on your team and not worry about clicking on a the wrong ninja and waste time trying to click the right one. And on the right side more importantly for when you use ninja who target. To make it even easier. Where I marked. Show the 27 slots, and if a ninja is on one of those slots, put like a marker in the slot for you to click on. Just see whos on the field,and you want to target, look to the side where I marked and click that slot. Once in battle, those sides open up and aren't used, so putting something like that would put that to good use.

Edit: Added targets like clones, ninja dog shiba and zetsu clones would appear as a different color on the targeting grid.

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I will submit this suggestion for you. Please keep in mind that this blank space is not available at all resolutions, but I will make the suggestion for you.

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