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How long would it take for pain six path to appear at events, to buy them for coupons

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The way this ninja is strong I think it will be like the shisui susanoo, it will never come.

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If you will follow the pattern for the Ninja availability for Coupon Purchasing, it will take a good amount of time before the new Pain gets to be placed for Coupon Purchasing. Especially that he is in Infinite Tsukuyomi, it will take months before we get him from regular events.

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huhuhu. just got 6p of Pain today, he's really fun to play. what the best about him is his attack animation, so sick. too bad don't work well with 6p Naruto :( maybe he's a bit like 6p Naruto.

oh, bout ur question. its gonna take a very long time to appear as coupon ninja. maybe in 2 years, or wait until 2 or 3 new possible ninja which can replace him as the new tsukuyomi recharge ninja.

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It will take few months for sure !!

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