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my ingots don't arrive


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yesterday I had reloaded 500 ingots, between 16:00 or 16:10, I live in Brazil so it would be 15:00 or 15:10 there in the united states, so going back to the subject when I reloaded the money was spent, appeared on my mom's cellphone a notification that she spent 52 reais that would be the money from brazil and my ingots haven't fallen yet and i'm waiting until now ... my nickname in the game is: "FilhoDoZibok" my server is: 1682, mine UID is: 200000078025323, payment method was credit card

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Hello, if you still have not received your ingots, please check with your credit card company to ensure that the money has been removed, and take a screenshot proving this, and containing a transaction id or purchase number. After doing so, please create a CS ticket and provide them with this information and the screenshot containing the transaction ID, and they will be able to assist you with receiving your ingots.

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