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[ Player Guide ] New Ninja Assist Tsunade


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Hey guys!

Just wanna quickly talk about this new card and how useful it can be


So as you can see it improves your team healing and that's it

This healing bonus scales pretty well in my experience but we have to ask ourselves how important healing even is?

The answer to whether this card is for you is really simple if you aren't using any healing in your current team.

But for the Tsunade/Kushina cancer style popular teams? I would actually still say no it's not worth. Because it only works when healing, there is usually only 1 or 2 healing character in the team and if they get immobilized/controlled it becomes totally useless. But when you're using other cards such as the ones giving bonus atk/def they'll be working the whole battle for certain elements and will generally be more useful.

Or we c*l just simply use the general cards such as the Tenten one which benefits literally any team

Quicky Post

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